About Us

Shanghai Invent Cleanroom System  Technology Co., Ltd. is a purification company specializing in the planning, design, construction and material supply of clean rooms. The company mainly deals with the industries with clean room demand, such as electronics, medicine, chemical industry, optics, food, biotechnology, plastic, etc., with a wide range of demand...


Excellent quality and craftsmanship

Invent cleanroom has accumulated rich experience

“Innovative development / win-win cooperation”

Our company has a highly skilled professional team and high-level design ability, which can undertake different levels of clean room engineering construction of class1-class9. We are dedicated to provide customers with the most professional technology, the best products and the best service, with the goal of "improving the quality and safety of human life", and strive to create a first-class clean space for customers!

Purify the environment and benefit the future

Invent cleanroom strives to become an industry benchmark

The industry is expert, and the enterprise is outstanding

Invent focuses on clean room system engineering

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